Nichols Preserve

Entrance @ the end of West Lane
Greenwich, CT


Activities: Hiking, walking

Last Visit: 2019

Notes: Leashes required, you may run into horses.

This location is mostly in Armonk but the entrance is most easily reached from the Greenwich side.

Donated to The Nature Conservancy, this 94 acre tract of land sat unused and neglected until the diligence and generosity of the Greenwich Riding and Trail Association got it transferred to them for equestrian use. Luckily, many of the horse owners are also dog lovers – so they opened the property to their canine friends too.

There are wonderful trails throughout the property – ranging from narrow paths through woods, muddy trails along some lakes and vernal pools to basically paved roads through expansive meadows.

When we visited we didn’t run into any horses but we did enjoy ourselves on some of the equestrian obstacles that dot the property.

Because this is basically private property and we are guests, please be very respectful and always keep your dogs leashed and pickup and carry out any poops.

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