Larchmont Dog Beach & Manor Park *SKIP*

118 Park Ave
Larchmont, NY 10538


Activities: Walking, dog swimming, dog socializing

Last Visit: 2016

Notes: NOT RECOMMENDED, Parking is on the street.

Larchmont Dog Beach is no longer worth the trip, although the adjacent Manor Park is nice to stroll through with your leashed dog, as is the surrounding neighborhood.

Several years ago Dog Beach was a popular destination – there is a *very* small spit of land (partially fenced but open to the road) with a sandy beach just off the street. At lower tides, a second larger beach was accessible. Sandwiched between two large piers and a tall seawall, it provided a nice spot for the dogs to run and play – however getting their required ignoring some “private property” signs of dubious legality placed there by a nearby beach club.

However, in 2016 social media started spreading more and more accounts of zealous police enforcement and hefty fines for dogs off leash, in the water or beyond the dubious “private property” signs. Apparently the beach clubs were unhappy with dogs in their vicinity and the new mayor was happy to oblige them.

It’s been several years and I don’t know if things have improved, but I no longer recommend people make the trip. Go to Lake Mohegan in Fairfield instead.

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