Playland Beach & Rye Town Park *RECOMMENDED*

Playland Parkway
Rye, NY


Activities: Dog swimming, dog socializing, walking

Last Visit: 2019

Notes: Off leash allowed (on beach only), “Dog Season” runs late-September to late-April; check the “Dog Friends of Playland Beach” site for more info.

Playland Beach is one of our favorite winter destinations. Opening in the early fall and closing mid-spring, it has one of the longest dog seasons in the area. It is large, mostly fenced, well maintained and very popular so your pupper will have plenty of friends to play with. Rye Town Park abuts Playland Beach and is lovely to walk around on leash (neighboring Rye Beach is NOT opened to dogs however). Both are easily accessed off I-95 via Playland Parkway.

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