Mount Frissell, The CT High-Point & The NY/CT/MA Tri-Point *RECOMMENDED*

99 Mt Washington Rd
Salisbury, CT 06068


Activities: Hiking, Leaf Peeping

Last Visit: October, 2020

Notes: There are a few parking spaces along the road by the trail-head which is right at the CT/MA border. A larger lot is located about a 1.25mi south on Mt Washington Rd near the trailhead should you wish to do this hike in reverse.

I have wanted to do this hike for years:
•Three peaks (Round Mountain, Mount Frissell and Brace Mountain)…
•In three different States…
•Plus the highest point in Connecticut…
•As well as the New York / Connecticut / Massachusetts Tri-Point (where all three State borders touch)…
•All in one 5.25 mile hike!

The first mile is the most difficult as you ascend Round Mountain (in CT) and then Mount Frissell (in MA), both of which afford beautiful views along the way. After you reach the summit of Mount Frissell you cross back into Connecticut at the CT Highpoint. A short trip down the trail is the NY/CT/MA Tri-Point where you will find a stone obelisk that marks the spot the three borders converge (although they left Connecticut off the marker for some reason!?!).

From Frissell’s summit it is a much easier hike along a ridge to the top of Brace Mountain in New York. The summit is very open with absolutely amazing vistas. After that it’s an easy and pretty downhill trail through the woods back into Connecticut ending at Mt Washington Rd. The last 1.25 mi is a dull but quick stroll along the road.

Recommended stop: If you came up Rt. 22 in NY, drop by McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton for an excellent meal in their beer garden. We ate there and watched the sun set – perfect end to a wonderful adventure.

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