07 Jul – 4th of July Fireworks at Binney Park

Binney Park
Old Greenwich, CT

Website: https://www.greenwichct.gov/493/Special-Events-Concerts

Activities: Dog socializing, walking

Last Visit: July, 2019

Notes: Usually held on July 3rd. Like the Summer Concert Series, town recommends against bringing pets – but there doesn’t seem to be a problem with well behaved dogs attending.

Ok, this one might be a little controversial (I did get a rather rude comment from someone one year), but if you know your dog is non-reactive to fireworks, then this can be a great event to attend together.

We learned fairly early on that our pupper is not bothered one bit by fireworks, thunder or the vacuum cleaner – the typical dog phobias (she is, however, terrified of the printer… go figure). We started bringing her to the Binney Park 4th of July fireworks every year.

It’s always a wonderful time, we walk around while the band plays patriotic music and then settle in for the show. We tend to stay towards the back of the park just so the fireworks aren’t right over-head and deafening.

We usually see a few other dogs in attendance, but if your dog prefers human attention over other canines, you can be sure they’ll get plenty.

Again – this is NOT the event for every dog. Be very sure of how your dog will react, take precautions and have a plan before attending. If you have a dog that doesn’t mind the noise and you build in a nice long walk, this is sure to be a good time.

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